The following kind of tickets are available for our event:

Festival ticket: 

The festival ticket grants access for all days.

Price festival ticket (plus 12.5% presales fee): 

109.00 Euro per person

Junior festival ticket: 

Junior tickets are valid for children between 11 and 14: They pay only half of the regular price, while children up to the age of ten have free access. The junior festival ticket grants access for all days.

Price junior festival ticket (plus 12.5% presales fee): 

54.50 Euro per person

One day ticket: 

A one day tickets grants you access on just one selected day of the festival programme.

Price one day ticket (plus 12.5% presales fee): 

60 Euro per person

Camping ticket: 

The camping ticket is valid for one person without a vehicle. The price includes 10.00 Euro garbage fee, which will be refunded as soon as you leave your tent site clean and return the garbage bags you're provided with at the entrance.

Price camping ticket (incl. 10,- EURO garbage deposit): 

20.00 Euro per person

Car ticket: 

The car ticket is valid for one vehicle, whether it's a car, a motorcycle etc. You need a parking ticket to enter the camping site with your vehicle.

Preis KFZ Ticket: 

10.00 Euro per vehicle

Ticket shop: 


In cooperation with ADticket, we offer you e-Tickets, too. These are print-at-home tickets: After you've purchased them you'll be provided with a ticket document you have to print out and show at the festival entrance (along with an ID card). We recommend e-Tickets for visitors from abroad, as - in spite of an additional handling fee - they save you some shipping costs and therefore money :-)