How about my camper/caravan?
Camper, trailer, caravans are good to go.
Accessing the campsite with multi-axle trailers and vehicles heavier than 2.8 tons is strictly prohibited!
A car/trailer combination counts as one vehicle. You’re fine with one car ticket that has to be attached to the front window

Why do we need a camping ticket per person, when we arrive in one car?
We choose that option to prevent that someone who is travelling alone in his car has to pay the same amount as a group of people in one car.
At the ROA you need one camping ticket per person and one car ticket per vehicle!

Where do I get the car ticket for my campsite?

The campsite offices are opened from Wednesday 12:00 24/7 till the end of the festival.
You can get there -if not sold out- additional car tickets.
Please notice: they are more expensive than the ones you buy in the pre-sale!

Can I camp next to my car?
Yes, everyone can camp next to his/her car