Camping AGB

Camping terms of business

1. ATTENTION: The camping site is reserved for festival visitors. Any camping without purchasing a valid festival ticket ist restricted and in case of violation, the promoter reserves his right to eject visitors without a valid festival ticket from the camsite. No refunds are given for camping tickets purchased "accidentally" without owning a valid festival ticket.

2. Camping is allowed at the site only in designated camping areas. Any violation may result in charges pressed against by the ground's owner or in legal actions taken by the promoter.

3. The campsite is accessable one before the event from 18:00 Uhr on. The campsite must be cleared until the day after the event at noon.

4. Toilet facilities (Dixie toilets) are free of charge (except for solid toilet and shower trailer).

5. Any fire on the campsite outside the designated fireplaces is strictly restricted.

6. Strictly no trading is allowed within the campsite area without the promoter’s consent. This restriction includes any kind of food and/or beverages.

7. The use of private sound systems is strictly restricted from 01:30 Uhr to 07:00 Uhr. Any violation will result in ejection from the campsite. Excluded is listening with earplugs or headphones.

8. The use of power generators is strictly restricted from 01:30 Uhr to 07:00 Uhr, too. Any violation will result in ejection from the campsite

9. Please note that neither the promoter is assigned to secure the campsite. Camping at the site is at your own risk. Camping fees only cover the right to reserve space at the campsite for your car and/or tent.The promoter does not accept liability for personal damages or losses caused by other visitors and or/their vehicles or any other third party.

10. Visitors obligate themselves to park their vehicle and set up their tent in a way that is not likely to constrain other visitors and/or to block the ways to the toilet facilities and other sanitation. In case of violation, the promoter and/or the Messe Balingen reserves his/their right to tow away the constraining objects at full cost and risk of the vehicle's owner.

11. Visitors obligate themselves to leave the campingsite clean. Any garbage has to be collected in bags provided by the promoter. In case of violation, originators will be charged for all costs for garbage collection and removal.

12. For the afore mentioned garbage bags, a deposit of 20,00 € will be charged on purchasing a camping ticket. The deposit will be refunded on return of the full bags and if the place the visitor had set up his tent has been cleaned. The instructions of our personnel are to be followed.

13. Garbage bags have to be returned until Monday noon after the festival. Beyond this point of time, the visitors claim to receive his deposit refund is void. Opening hours of other garbage return spots will be announced at the campsite.

14. Visitors obligate themselves to leave the campingsite in its original condition. Any damage has to be repaired by its originator or the repair costs will be fully charged to him by the promoter or the Messe Balingen.

15. Any instructions of the promoter's personnel are to be followed.

16. In case of any violation of these terms, the promoter and reserves his right to take legal actions.