ROCK OF AGES Summer Open Air postponed again

Hello friends,

now it's official: We have to postpone the 15th edition of the ROCK OF AGES Summer Open Air for another year. After a thorough check, we have to determine that the latest version of the Corona regulation of the state of Baden-Württemberg does not allow the festival to take place in a reasonable setting. For now, this regulation is in force until July 26th, which marks a point in time at which the organizational framework would have to be set completely and the setup would already have to be initiated. At the moment, however, thanks to the persistently unclear strategy of the political decision-makers with regard to major musical events, it is simply not clear enough which scenario will follow for you and us after July 26th. As sad as the result is, that takes away the minimum amount of security we need when it comes to planning and taking action to make the event really happen.

So the following officially applies now:

The next ROCK OF AGES will take place between July 29 and 31, 2022.

Once again we will try again to transfer the confirmed artist line up as completely as possible into next year. A large number of the artists have already signaled to go along with this.

All tickets and vouchers purchased for 2020 and 2021 remain fully valid for 2022 - regardless of any price increases in the near future.

With regard to the further process of ticket reversals in case you wish to return your ticket, we will inform you as soon as there are new informations about the process. Unfortunately, we are currently not able to except any other form of reverse processing except via the so called "voucher solution", granting you a voucher with the value of your purchased tickets. This voucher will be due for a payout by January 1st, 2022, if not used otherwise or kept for future purchases. For more information, please adress to

Our organizer Horst would have loved to tell you all of this himself - like so much more in the past few months. Unfortunately, however, he is not able to do this, and we kindly ask you and all our partners, sponsors and presenters as well as everyone involved in four events, whether on stage, behind it or around the scenes for your understanding.

After indicating a few times that he's suffering from health problems, he has and we have decided to inform you extensively about what has happened. For many months Horst struggled with the severe consequences of massive heart failure, which initially developed insidiously and unnoticed, but then worsened dramatically within a very short period of time. As a result, he was hardly able to appear in public in any form last year, and it is quite likely that, as bad as Corona hit us all in many ways, the forced break in summer 2020 actually saved his life.

At the beginning of this year, the worst seemed to be over, at least in this respect, when the next blow followed. New health problems bothered him more and more, his blood values went crazy, and finally a new diagnosis struck: Horst has leukemia, in a form that can only be treated at high risk.

Horst took this risk, put the necessary chemotherapeutic treatments behind him and has already come through the stem cell transplant, which, after all, was inevitable. After long days in intensive care unit, during which he also struggled with pneumonia, his condition is stable again now, but he is very weak and will need a while until he can get back on his feet and especially until he can get on with everyday life and his professional tasks.

We are are sure, though, that he will fight his way through to this point, and when this day will come, he will contact you and everyone else who has started to wonder why he wouldn't act and react personally in any way for such a long time.

As written above: We kindly ask for your understanding that some things will have to remain unclear and unfinished until then. But it's only a matter of time, and we wish Horst all the best on our part on his way back to the stage of life and our events ...

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