What kind of tickets are available?
We have festival tickets, that are valid for the whole festival. Early bird festival tickets are 159,00 €. After the early bird phase, step 2 of the presale will start. The tickets will then be available for the price of 169,00 €. Later on presale phase 2 will start. The price will then be raised to 179,00 €. Closer to the festival, the tickets will increase to this price [custom:feendpreisvvk1] each. Please keep an eye on our newsletter.
If you want to stay on the campground, you need to buy a camping ticket (20,00 €). In case you want to take a vehicle onto the campsite, you need a car ticket (15,00 €).
Furthermore, we have one day tickets available as long as the festival is not sold out ([custom:tpreisvvk])!
Remember: Advance tickets are always cheaper compared to the box-office price.